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The Beta Sessions - In the Christmas Groove

DC'z Biography

I cut my teeth on '80's Metal when upon my hearing of Scorpion's Blackout I got sucked ito the world of music. From that point I no longer wanted to just listen to music, but I wanted to hear music. I wanted to feel music. But most importantly I wanted to play music.

The Late '80's came and I started to learn guitar and picked up the bass. Throughout the early '90's I played in a few bands that played a few gigs but never did any recording. That changed when I joined My Cat Puddinhead and we recorded our first demo tape in '94. From there I went on to help form the band Judah (WA). We played a number of gigs and also recorded a demo tape called "One Step From The Basement". While in Judah I got asked to record the bass tracks for About This Big's album "Chaos Theory". After that, life got in the way forcing me into a bit of a hiatus. I did record a few tracks for the band Nathan Creek.

Come late 2006 Dan Johnson from Sanctyfied got in touch with me and I recorded the bass tracks for their 2nd album Flying High. I even got the privilege of writing the album's Title Track. It was during this time that I started really working on my own music again. I had several songs that had never been recorded and some that had never been finished.

In 2011 I released my first album, a Christmas instrumental rock album called “In the Christmas Groove”. 2014 has seen the release of my 2nd album, “The Beta Sessions”. A new project is in the works with a hopeful release in 2015.

But now I'm getting ahead of myself.